Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lovely award and a chuckle if you need one :)

I'd like to thank the beautiful and talented Vania for giving me this wonderful Renee Award!!
Thank you Val!!♥ This is an amazing award and has so much meaning, I'm so very honored to receive it!

This wonderful Renee Award was created by Bella and Ces in honor of their friend Renee
Please, if you can, take a moment to visit their blogs!
My chosen 8 nominees to pass this award to are:

Suzi Whitaker - Art With a Touch of Whimsey
Karen D. Milstein - Cotton Pickin' Ranch
Flor Larios Art
Monica Zuniga - Hands and Heart
Pam Warden - Pam Warden Art
Mariposa - Sirens Idyll
Darlene Pringle - A Dancing Mango
Donna - DZ Fantasy

Now for the funny part. I know I shouldn't put my art down, I've been told that a thousand times, but look at this!

It's my first cloth and clay doll from Gritty Jane's workshop. She's a fabulous teacher, even though it may not appear that way from my girlie here :) My dress didn't stain evenly, her hair is thin (like mine!) and her expression is that of shock mixed with sadness. Is that possible? Yes it is! Look at what I did to her neck!

I will try fix this tonight. Poor girl. Now, what to name the poor thing. Antoinette? hehe
This was a fun class and I learned lots that I hope to incorporate into my artwork as I go. The sewing and waiting for clay to dry was the only areas the impatient me had trouble with. I'll have to learn to deal with that :)

Have a beautiful day!!♥


Pam Warden Art said...

I think your doll is ADORABLE and would be glad to take her off your hands :)
Thanks for the Award. You are too sweet!!!!

Michelle said...

She has been having a rough day!


suziart said...

Love that doll, my neck feels like that, too..I can relate! Love the name! Humor at it's best. Thanks so much for the award, this blogging community has been the best thing for my creative spirit. It gives me inspiration on a daily basis!
HugZ, SuZi

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the AWARD.
I am so honored to get this.
I realize after reading the blogs of the creators of the award how meaninguful it really is!
Thank you so much,
You are sweet to think of me..
I hope I posted this in the appropo place.
I love your doll.. what is up with you... why you don't like her? are taking to the doll lady herself.. ! lol
Hugs, Darlene..

Mónica Zúñiga said...

I am honored, thank you so much! This sure makes me smile! :)
Your paintings are beautiful and the doll too, I send her my love!
Have a fantastic week!

Renee said...

I guess I was already here xoxo

Love Renee xoxo