Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The EYES have it!

Well ....... this is funky huh? What a glamour puss and what fun to do! I had fun with those eye lashes!

I'm trying to think of a phrase to go with this and all I could come up with is the title of this post~ The Eyes have it.

I'd love to hear any and all suggestions for either a title of this one and/or a phrase to adhere to it in the mixed media fashion :)


Vania said...

Absolutelly gorgeous, beautiful - the title is fitting as the first thing you see is the lovely eyes and the eyelashes :)

Poetic Dreams said...

I'm jealous!She's stunning! One day I'll be able to make art like this. Have a wonderful night. Hugs~

Michelle said...

Nope, I think the eyes definately have it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh.. YOU! I so love your ART.. Gosh it is so cute.. what a face!
Those eyes are so endearing..
Now I will post mine. I waited til midnight here.
Happy April!
Hugs, Darlene

Micki said...

I think your title is just great, the eyes you paint are stunning!

Micki x

Raven said...

I just see blue... and all is gorgeous! How about "Into the Blue"?


Lisa said...

woo hoo- look at that lue ahir and those eyes !!
shes exceptional xx

ButterCup said...

she's pretty. Very trendy. Love the eyes and her blue hair :)