Thursday, April 2, 2009

Handmade Stamps for ATC Swap

I joined an ATC swap on the Milliande ning site and then totally forgot about doing the cards!
The idea was to make our own handmade stamps out of materials we have on hand. Here are mine.

The bee background is made from a piece of cardboard with round rubber washers hot glued to it. I then rubbed it on my ink pad so it's a fairly light stamp. This bee is a portion of one of my previous art projects.

For the witch I made a plaid design on cardboard with hot glue and then painted it black and stamped the card. Then I applied cut out elements of one of my art pieces.

This stamp in the background is made with q-tips bunched together with a rubber band and then dipped in white paint. I pounced them on the background and applied an element from another art project I did.

This one didn't turn out so hot. It was pretty wavy lines of hot glue on cardboard, then dipped in black paint. I didn't push down hard enough so we're only seeing portions. Again...cut out elements of a previous bunny girl I painted.

This one is made with a row of q-tips glued to a piece of cardboard. I painted the stamp white and it really made a cool design, almost like a DNA chart! Too bad I covered it up with my cut out element! That's me by the may remember me posting it a few weeks back. Love the haircut Mom :)

If you'd like to see some other awesome ideas for creating your own stamps for fun backgrounds for mixed media art, please check out Milliande's video on you tube. Actually she has MANY! She's wonderful and so giving of her talents!


Micki said...

ooh I envy the person who recieves these, they are lovely!!

Micki x

Lisa said...

they are fabulous- worth waitng for xx

ButterCup said...

Hey Darla,

I got my cute painting you sent me. It's SO pretty and cute. Thanks again for your lovely giveaway :)