Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering Alex

I rescued Alex from the humane society in Alexandria, Mn in 2003. She was such a sweetheart. She was just like me, if food was around, she ate it. It didn't matter that she wasn't hungry! I took her to the vet for a checkup exactly a year after she'd come into our lives and she had gained 25 lbs! OMG. I 'thought' she was starting to resemble more of a coffee table than a dog, but didn't realize it was that bad! She immediately went on a diet and the sweetie got her weight back down. It was hard because the vet discovered she had broken a bone in her leg at some point in her life that had healed itself and the bone calcified (?) so she could never walk for any length of time without limping. That's the thing with adopting a stray, nobody knows a thing about the poor dog and what they've been through.

2 years ago she woke me up one day and she was having trouble standing. It was a Sunday. I got her to get over to a rug and from that point it slowly went downhill. I was trying to get ready to take her out of town to a vet that was open Sunday afternoons and before I could even get ready I could see this was the end. She still wagged her tail and drank water, poor thing, but she couldn't get up and her breathing was labored. She soon lost control of her bladder. Within 2 hours she passed away. I believe she may have had a stroke but will never know for sure.

It was a sad, sad day and this time of year I can't help but think of her and wish I could have given her so much for the short time she was with me. I wish I would have taken her for more rides in the car, I wish I would have hugged her more and I wish I could have prevented whatever happened to her. She had all vaccines she needed and her diet was good, but she needed to leave I guess.

Yesterday, I let something somebody said bring me down. Way down. It's stupid on my part to do that. The majority of people I come across are kind hearted and supportive but every once in awhile, along comes somebody who must be so angry and dark that they feel the need to make others feel bad too. Whatever floats their boat.

Good news for the day is this! 2 of my paintings in an art gallery have sold! That was awesome news. I really wasn't sure they would. I had to tack on a bit to cover the gallery commission, but they sold anyway! Yippee!! I guess it's the 'hills and valleys' of life. One day you can feel poorly and the next day something happens to lift you back up. Life is good.


Michelle said...

Yes it is. And sometimes a bit of a roller coaster too.


Micki said...

Hun I totally feel for you with the memories of your doggie friend I also have loved and lost in the dog department and miss them dearly.
Life is full of up's and down's mine has been a bit crazy lately and left me feeling a tad jaded but i'm trying to remember all the good stuff too.

Chin up, hold head high and keep smiling!

Micki x

cocosparkle said...

I am very touched by your story, I understand completely, my time to remember is May long weekend, my Bart. I am sending you a hug and it sounds like you gave your baby a great regrets!

As for grouchy people getting you down...I always try to understand why some people are like that...but sometimes it is not possible.
Keep smiling! Sometimes that helps those grouchy people in your path!

Anil P said...

Such a calm demeanour she had.

It's tough losing a pet who's come to occupy many a special moment in one's life. Until they step into our lives we never know what we were missing.

Inspiration By Karen said...

This was a story that touches home to many a pet lover~ The wish I could have is always there in life when the end comes, but to remember with a beautiful heart is all we can do, and know that you were with him at the end, he wasn't alone, and by wagging his tail he was letting you know that~
Bless you for the love that you gave to him~

cackleblossums said...

God Bless Alex, and God Bless You.

There is Nothing like the relationship with dogs..I recently added a dogbook to my facebook..haha check it out..

Dog People love other Dog People too..

So, I love YOU!! Let me know Who I need to go beat up for making you sad!