Monday, March 2, 2009

Analyze this!

I don't often remember my dreams but last night this one woke me up and made me feel sick and I've thought about it all day. It's so odd!

You'll probably laugh at some parts ...but here goes.

I was sitting in a square bathtub in my living room of the home I lived in 15 years ago. Yep, right in the middle of the living room, shaving my legs and visiting with some young boy that was passing through. Not sure if he was a friend of my sons or what....he had no face that I recall. As he was leaving my Dad walked in and walked over to the sofa and tripped into it and as he fell into the back of the sofa and big white cloud of dust, like talcum powder went everywhere! He turned around and started to talk but he looked so weird.......well especially with white powder all over his face but then his eyes became very distant. His face started turning yellow...very jaundice. I jumped up out of my living room bathtub (good grief) and went to my Dad and asked if he was ok and he just stared and wouldn't answer me. I felt his forehead and it was cold and clammy. I motioned to strange boy in the doorway not to leave and then I fumbled for my cell phone in my pocket (I magically was clothed at this point). I cradled my dad's head feeling it get colder and colder as I tried to call 911. He was dying in my arms :(Then I woke up.

Ok, I get the yellow face part........probably from painting the moon face last night. I vacuum and empty my dyson canister quite often which is full of dust so maybe that's the white poofy stuff in my furniture that Dad stirred up but WHY am I shaving my legs in the living room in front of strange teenage boys?????????? Yikes!

I worried for an hour after this woke me up that Dad, who's 74, died in his sleep at exactly 11:50 pm which is when I bolted up.

Dad is fine, visited with him this morning but now I'm stressing that something is coming. I'm not psychic......I think I just drank too much coffee and ate one too many cookies yesterday :)

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Lisa said...

in my expereince death usually represents new life or new expereinces.
the bath in the living room is about 'not hiding yourself away' or 'putting yourself out there'.
The small boy? maybe the fact that he was faceless indicated he is one of your guides or something.
Was there somehting that commenced in your life around 15 years ago or so that is only now coming to fruition or maybe even ending?

I love dreams !