Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My brain is oatmeal

I'm trying to finish up my month end reports at work and get everything in order before I leave for vacation on Friday. I'm flying to AZ to visit my brother and his wife. Nice warm temps!

There's so much to think about though.....it's sucking the fun out of going for me right now. My youngest son is going to stay at the house and watch the 'boys' (a.k.a. dogs)

I know they'll be fine, but I'll worry. I live alone with my dogs, we have our routine and it's freeing to walk away from it, but I worry too. Silly huh? They're DOGS! ha

Will he remember to take the recycle bin to the curb on Monday? Probably not. Will he do dishes? He loves to cook, but can't quite see the messes he makes doing so :) Will he forget the special technique necessary when flushing the upstairs toilet to avoid the water running for hours on end??????????

See? Sometimes it's easier to just stay home and do things myself. haha

No, I will go and have fun! Warm weather, shopping, art galleries (hopefully), flea markets, great food, fancy umbrella drinks and fun await!!

I hope I have time to get everything done before I go, but I also hope I have time to catch up on some of your blogs too! I miss reading them and I just haven't had the time to leisurely browse them like I've come to enjoy♥


Michelle said...

Busy busy busy....it doesn't matter if he doesn't do it right, as long as he does it. You just have fun!

Jen said...

I agree with Michelle!!

Go and have fun, he will be fine... maybe just tell him to use the downstairs loo??

Cherilynn Wood Fine Art said...

Enjoy your time in the sun!

Lisa said...

i HATE leaving my hounds, but they are resislent and are always waiting for me to return xx