Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hoo’s your buddy!?




I’ll be your buddy!!  Smile  This is a 12 x 12 canvas.


Diane said...

Oh Darla--beautiful!! and your angel--outstanding!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Darla, is WOW to simple of a word to use for this painting??? Everything you create is so beautiful and meaningful!!!

rachel awes said...

they are BOTH so sweet!
i can see how they came together.

pinkglitterfae said...

Awww, too cute for words!

Sunny Carvalho said...

Hi, Darla! I just popped over to tell you I think your work is amazing! Beautiful faces, beautiful color! xoxo

Iris said...

This is such a lovely painting! I was just catching up on some blogs and whizzing through your posts, but this one really stood out and spoke to me.