Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confusing times…..


This year….oh boy, so many things it seems have been tossed at me that I did not expect.  I can spend hours, days, weeks trying to make sense of things and I’ve finally realized I can’t. 

It’s time to accept and move on, it’s the only healthy thing to do.


Vicki/Jake said...

Been away from you for awhile..why? Summer and life, what can I say.But found you again on my much neglected reader. I'm down to one (this )blog now so come visit. I'm not sure what it is you're moving on from, hope it's not blogging! I love the picture you've shared on this blog. Going to see if I can find it on etsy:) And to read some of your past posts...Take care.

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Darla, bless you so much! You've been through so much and still share your beautiful self and art here with us!
So much love :)

Serena said...

Beautiful painting, her hair!

I kinda feel that way with all the medical issues I've had over the past 18 months. I wish I could just move on from it all. If you are able, I think moving on is a positive thing to do for your own peace of mind.

Thinking of you,
Serena xo

Magic Love Crow said...

Darla, you are so right! Breathe my friend and know many people love you and are sending you big hugs! Love the painting! Is it one for sale?

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Don't know what you're up against, but know we are here for you..with prayers, with hugs and with broad shoulders..take care my friend and take one day at a time..

suziart said...

I do not know what all has happened in your life...but I can relate...May2010, I moved into a bedroom at Mom's to be her 24/7 caregiver. I had lost my job sculpting position for a famous glass company and was back in school, studying studio arts and had to leave my life behind. I never regretted it but welcomed it. She was my best friend and I was there to help her on her last and horrible journey...I lost her in June2011...and at the time was and still am going thru a divorce. I lost myself and now trying to find myself...she always came first, both of my parents did. Now I am lost...still grieving and trying to get my blog and art going again. My health took a bad turn, losing weight and from stress, grief , worry...I was left her estate and now have to sell 2 houses in this awful market, and am making the home I was raised in my artsy home. It is so difficult to go thru my parent's things and let go of so much...but I am also keeping a lot...I am toooo sentimental. I just have to accept all that is happening...get thru the hell of this divorce...and find out who I am on my own, at 52... I was never able to have children and have furr babies. I have good days and bad.

Bless you and I hope you find what you need to get past what you are experiencing...
a kindred spirit...suzi

Kristin said...

That hair and those lashes!!!! Your work is just brilliant! Kristin xo