Saturday, November 19, 2011

I needed this!

After struggling with some custom orders, I just needed to play, to create, to use my imagination with no restrictions, no expectations and no worries.  I LOVED it and maybe now I can go and finish the orders Smile


Here is something new…


As some of you may or may not know…I tend to putz around and try to keep things ‘inside the lines’ too much.  This was fun, to the let the colors drip and go where they may.  See the green leg on the lower right?  Maybe I’ll ‘walk away’ from being so anal, this was fun! Winking smile


Here is a streamer girl…odd, but fun!


Today marks the 30th anniversary of my mother’s passing.  It hit me last night that if I went to heaven today to  be with her again, I’d be 52 and she’d be the age when she left so she’d be a youngin’ and 8 years my junior.  How awkward! ha!  Love and miss you Mom!


Have a great weekend filled with color and love and fun!



WrightStuff said...

These drippy girls are really appealing. Like this take - and it's always so good to play!

Rona Gregory said...

Oh Wow! Love the drippy effect gorgeous!

Ro xx

Magic Love Crow said...

Darla, these are amazing!! What size are they? Are they for sale! Let yourself go girl! You are so talented! Wow! I am sure your mom is smiling right at you and saying, how proud she is of you!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you ladies
Stacy, these are 9 x 12...I haven't listed them yet, I've been busy trying to get some orders done so my Etsy store has moved to the back burner for a bit. Hopefully I can get busy again. Still trying to follow your's like it won't let me!? I click follow, it tells me that I'm now following and then nothing shows up. I go to your blog again and click 'follow' and it's like I've never followed before. I've had 1 other blog do this and it's so odd I think. I will just bookmark your page and try get there on my own I guess :) Hugs to you all!

Diane said...

Darla--anything you touch is good!

I just realized that it's also been 30 years since my father passed away. It doesn't seem that long ago. He was 59--1 year older than I am now--I miss him A LOT!

priti.lisa said...

I missed a lot...but I am caught up now...everything is beautiful and soulful, Darla.
I love the gray haired woman ♥♥♥

kat said...

Hello Darla, came upon your site and love your ladies, beautiful colours, will be visiting again xx

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend ;o) Darla, right now, you are not following me. Just click follow once and see what happens ;o) Because, when you click again, it will take you off. See if this helps ;o) I hope you are doing well with your orders ;o) 9 x 12, I am thinking ;o) Hugs ;o)

Julie-ann Bowden Heavenleigh Art said...

They're awesome! Hope you feel relieved now, thew! What a way to go and do this, is to create even more awesome art!

Diana Evans said...

oh these are super cool Darla!!!! I love them and we all need some time to just enjoy and follow what comes naturally!!!