Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer is coming to a close

I have to admit, although I'm sad about this, I'm almost looking forward to things settling down too! I've squeaked in some time in the past week to paint a little :) This is a 16 x 20 canvas.

I just LOVE Susan Osborne's abstract lanscapes and tried to recreate one for myself. (16x20) I added texture with molding paste. I was always told we can recreate (or attempt) for our own use, but not to sell so I hope this is ok and nobody slams me for copyright infringement?

Here's another attempt in a different hue. (12 x 12)It's actually not this dark, but I had to take the pic without a flash since I put a gloss finish on it. That wasn't working well with a photo flash! ha

Last weekend we were able to visit my brother in the cities and catch a Twins game. It was so fun! Today I'm going to an Art & Wine walk up in Grand Forks so I hope to get inspired and with the wine....I'll be happily inspired ;)

Happy weekend to you all!


Tina Eudora said...

Love the artwork Darla! I am not familiar with Susan Osborne but I do love your interpretation.
I am also looking forward to Autumn this year. I seem to get more things done in the Fall than any other time of year. October especially is a great month for me.
Have a great weekend and keep on creating!
Tina xo

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

The flowers are so pretty! I am looking SO forward to fall... my favorite season!! :) I love your landscapes Darla... they are gorgeous! Art and Wine walk sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Cathy Bueti said...

Beautiful paintings! I love the texture in your landscapes! I will have to try adding molding paste to mine...I have only tried the paste with painting faces. Nice work! :)

Nicola said...

Hey Darla, I've been away for a while so have just been catching up on what you've been working on lately. Your style is so different to when I last saw your work but I love this new work too! The abstract flowers are so beautiful especially the latest one, the colours are so virbrant and eye catching, absolutely gorgeous!!! So glad I caught up on what you've been doing :0)

priti.lisa said...

I love your new paintings, Darla!
Especially the inspired pieces.
Art and Wine Walk sounds like heaven :)

Shelinwa said...


NatashaMay said...

These are all gorgeous, Darla! :) I love the last one!