Sunday, August 29, 2010

Am I ready?

This is a 16 x 20 canvas that has tons of texture.......not because I planned it that way, but because I had to apply it to somewhat hide the previous work done on this one. Yep, another canvas re-do. I figure when something sits too long and it doesn't appeal to me anymore, I chalk it up to a learning experience and try again :)

I was going to do a whole mixed media whimsical thing.....but it turned out quite differently that I originally planned. I've never painted 'fabric folds' until today and I'm sure the art critics would say I may have failed miserably, but the 'good for you' part of me says it isn't so bad! :)

This week I saw a video on facebook and I wish I could find it on youtube so I could share it, but it was about Jesus coming......and are we ready? It was a VERY moving video. I've attended more funerals this year than I have in the past 5 and I can't help but wonder if I AM READY? If my time were up today, have I lived the life my family can be proud of? Can I be proud of my time here on earth? Not all the time, I'm positive of that, but I try and I will continue to try.

I've also been thinking about leaving my current job and venturing out to a new career, new city, new life. But again, AM I READY? It all sounds exciting but hey, I've lived in this little town surrounded by family and friends whole life. It's a big decision! I don't want to go far, but I do desire to go and lately it's been on my mind so much.

I'm sure this painting is reflecting all these thoughts and feelings I've had lately. You may find it hard to see, but I've stamped 'Am I Ready?' on the right side above the horizon :)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Tina Eudora said...

Darla you have outdone yourself, this is so moving and the colors are ideal. The folds are perfect!
Are You Ready?
Wow that reminds me of a dream I had a number of years ago...driving down the highway and to the right of the car up in the sky suddenly a bright light with a figure and immediately I knew who it was so I reach into my pocket for my cigarettes to throw out the window (like He wouldn't know)Duh!
I think a lot of my life has been that way....thinking the Lord has bigger fish to fry than me!..:)

It seems that you also have hit a crossroads in your life, but maybe in your heart you already know the right answer? Thinking of you Darla and praying the way will be made clear for you....
Tina xo

Kelly Lish said...

Darla, this is really beautiful and touching and deep. I think your feelings really came through-she looks cautious and curious all at the same time. Nice work!

Butterfly Works said...

Your inner heart is speaking clear and loud through this painting....It's beautiful and shows you have a lot of decisions pending.......

Sonja said...

This painting is soooo strong, I could watch it for hours.

Manon Doyle said...

It's a beautiful piece, Darla. Your canvas redo was well worth it. Btw.... I rework canvases all the!!

Cathy Bueti said...

Darla this is so beautiful!! It certainly reflects how you are feeling at the moment. It looks like this woman is venturing off to someplace new, someplace she seems pulled toward. In time you will figure out what is best for you. Your gut will lead you.

The colors are wonderful and the way you are able to illuminate your paintings is amazing!

BTW...I think you did a fab job with the fabric folds!


Serena said...

Never mind what critics say...I think you did a super job! This painting is beautiful, definitely captured the flow of your thoughts.

Isabel said...

Lovely!!! Love the folds:O)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I really like the feeling this painting gives me..chioces, hope and happiness..all of what you have ahead of you! It's are you ;-)

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

What a gorgeous work of art...I love it! It sounds like you have a lot to pray about. I hope you will hear the answer soon...God has a plan!

Brown Sugar Babies said...

***Keni bows to the Master!!!***

Darla, its fantastic. Your painting reflects exactly what you've said in your post. You have always been such a beautiful artist - going all the way back to OS - but now ... you've soooo come into your own!!!!

I say - take the plunge...take the chances..don't look back!!! New job, new city, new challenges ... it will only make you better.

Go for it.

Mónica Zúñiga said...

Ho, what a beautiful painting, I love it, the greens are gorgeous and I love hte lights on thedress! :)
Big hug Darla!

Mundo Mundaca said...

How to know when we are ready?.. leaning what will never know.
we have to have a lot of courage to do changes.
changes scare.. the acquaintance and insurance is always more comfortable.
but to live is also to rush to new challenges.. leaning that that is really to live.
and the friends and family can always visit or to take los close to the heart.
God will always accompany you wherever you .. because he never abandons their dear children.
This painting this stunning one and she reflect the search of that new road well.

Marie S said...

Darla this is a wonderful "statement" of where you are at right now and I say you are saying in the painting "just go"!
I see a beautiful woman with fabulously painted folds of light walking in to the darkness and as she brings her light with her, the darkness recedes.
You are her.
I am glad you are here!!

priti.lisa said...

Darla! Incredible!
It looks like she has just seen there is a whole word beyond to explore. Just beautiful.

Elizabeth GLZ said...

Hi Darla! I came here from Katherine Quinns's blog because I connected with your comment there. I love your work. It is amazing. For sure you are Enjoying the Ride as I am. I'll turn 53 next week and I am enjoying it as I am enjoying my baby grandchildren. Keep up on your art..its beautiful!