Monday, July 19, 2010

Believe it or not, I found time to pick up a paint brush!

A friend asked if I could repaint a large wooden sign that she had in her garden for years. It was originally an Amish design with a simple design of a girl/boy. I 'should' have taken a before picture but again....I spaced that out!

Last night we got together in a local park to take family pictures. I hope they turned out! I will share what I can as soon as I can! We all wore white shirts with Khaki shorts/pants. Even the fun! This is me waiting to go and join the fam!

I bet you're wondering about the carpet update????????? Oh, it was crazy! You might recall that I spent 2 nights working like crazy to get all the stuff packed away, old couch hauled out and ripping up the old carpet. I was all set that Thursday, waited patiently for the installers. They didn't show up! :( Turns out there was a little mix-up! The carpet was still in a freight truck not even to my state yet! I ended up living in total chaos for a week but the carpet is finally in.

I'd like to take pictures of my living room after my new couch arrives so you can see the final, completed room! We picked up my new couch once already but this is what we got!

Yes, a couch with a karate chop to the back frame! SOMEBODY must have dropped it 50 feet or ran into it with a forklift and didn't bother to inform their supervisor and let it ship out with boo-boo completely hidden by bubble wrap and plastic! There's no way you could damage a couch like this and NOT have known :)

This remodel is having its bumps but hopefully we'll get it done and soon. Rumor has it I should have the new couch and daybed this Wednesday! At this point, I'll believe it when I see it but I suppose at some point I need to be optimistic, right? ha!

Have a super week!


priti.lisa said...

That Welcome sign is extraordinary!
Have a great week Priti Darla :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Oh that Welcome sign looks great.
I'm sure your friend was thrilled with it.
Gee lady, Aren't you looking good!

Gosh, what a bother you are going through with late carpet men and dodgy couch.
Looking forward to seeing the revamp!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Ohhhh - the sign is lovely! And you are looking soo great! Have a fun, productive and restful (?) week!

Susan Wymola said...

Love all your family photos and you are so Pretty! Hope you don't mind I added your etsy widget on my blog,
which is now changed from back to
had some trouble with renewing the darn domain so I just said PHOOEY
on all this.. oh well, I think these new etsy widgets are great..