Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation :)

Beautiful pass through Kansas and saw many oil wells! $$$$$$$$$$$ Amazingly none were gushing and killing innocent creatures ;) Simple, peaceful.....all is well!

Corny...I know! We stopped over for a night in Duncan, Oklahoma where my mother was from and where I used to visit frequently as a child. I was SO happy to revisit after 37 years! Boy, things sure changed, yet somehow they remained the same♥

We (Dale & I)stopped in a little sports bar for a was HOT outside :) I'm NOT a fan of having my picture taken AT ALL so I hope you appreciate that I'm in more pictures in this one week than I allow in a usual year! haha

There was a wonderful handpainted western mural in this bar, painted in 1995. It was fabulous!

And of course, the waitress told us we HAD to get our picture with 'Woody', the cowboy carved with a chainsaw. I seriously had horrible hair days while on vacation. Heat & humidity did not agree with me :(

This is my great-grandmother (Mam-Maw as we called her) Jennie Findley. She's at her wonderful player piano. She taught herself how to play beautiful ragtime music and used to play for us when we visited. There were also music scrolls to put in and it would magically play wonderful old tunes by itself. I LOVED it!!

It now resides in the Stephens County Museum for many to enjoy. I got a little emotional when I heard it play.......memories came rushing back and I missed my youth SO much! The curator of the museum told me that she'd be smiling down from heaven for the joy this has brought to many a children that come through the museum. He promised they are taking very good care of it too :)

And here I am at Mam-Maw's piano! Next to a skinny mannequin! haha...I have completely hidden her!

(I hope this video works!! If not, I'll try to repost it later)

On Wednesday we headed on over to the Lawton Fort Sill area where Dale's son, Jason is stationed and was graduating from the National Guard basic training program! My Dad was stationed there 55 years ago so it was fun for me to see!

Dale & Jason on a very proud graduation day!

We drove to Mount Scott and were able to drive to the top!

And a beautiful site it was! This is overlooking lake Lawtonka.

For fun, Dale's grandson, Tyson hiked his black shorts up as high as they would go and then Dale joined him. It was a hoot!

On the day we left we visited the U.S. Army Artillery Museum. Very impressive and LOTS of history showing artillery going back to the civil war!

Inside the museum :)

Dale and his daughters ,Terri & Michelle, Jason and the grandkids, Carson, Cayla, Crystal & Tyson!

It was a fun time and I hope I didn't bore you all too much with all these pics! Soon time to get back to some painting :)



Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Great photos and I don't know why in the world you are not fond of your picture being taken - you are beautiful! And it looks like you had a very good time - I loved that your MawMaw's piano is now for all to enjoy! And yes, I she'd be smiling down from Heaven too!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Love these photos - (I commented earlier but there was an "error" Geesh!) Anyway, like I was saying, I can't imagine why you don't like your photo takes - you are lovely!
And how wonderful that your Maw Maw's piano is there for all to enjoy! Yes, she'd be very happy to know that she continued to bring joy even now..

Tina Eudora said...

Hey there Darla I wondered where the heck you were lately! And now I know, you were off having a fabulous vacation!! You lucky girl! Glad you are back though, I missed your posts.
Tina xo

Diane said...

Great photos!!! I loved the story of your great grandmother's piano--looks like you had a wonderful time!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Oh gosh, what are you worried about, You are a beautiful woman and take a great photo. What bad hair day are you talking about????

Lovely story and pictures here!
not boring at all.

SugarberrySensations said...

Bore us? Are you KIDDING? I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for these!

I looooooooooove them!!!!

THANK YOU for sharing! I'm so glad you had such a good time!!! =)

Ok, I have to tell you - that picture of Dale with his shorts up to his neck, I looked at that (without reading what you had written) and thought to myself, "Oh dear, he doesn't know to pull his shorts down." =)


Manon Doyle said...

Awesome pics and great vacation!! Love the piano story!! It was so nice that you shared that with us!!

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Darla, great pictures and great post. Glad you guys had a great vacation! Enjoy the rest of the Summer and keep creating your magic girl!

Serena said...

I loved the photos, Darla, and I think you should be in them more are beautiful! OH, and what bad hair day?!

What a wonderful thing that your Maw-Maw's piano sits in a museum for the whole community to enjoy.

Btw, congratulations to Dale's son!