Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun & BUSY weekend!

This is about as creative as I got in the painting department :) Hopefully the plants will grow and cascade and not dry up and wither away!

I went to Zumba yesterday and mowed my huge lawn when I got home. I was beat!! I have never tackled both of those in one day. This is my little back patio. Stop over sometime....I have wonderful slush mixes in my freezer and fresh limes for mojitos :)

GUESS WHAT? I participated in a 5k!

Here I am with 4 of my classmates. We had a great time!! This is prior to the event where we look put together and ready!

Coming in to the finish. I walked the event pushing my 3 yr. old grandson in a stroller. It was so fun but sometimes as we'd come up behind other walkers he'd growl like a tiger. That got us some strange looks! At this point in the photo above I joined my classmate, Kathy to come across the finish line again so she'd have company :)

Here are 3 of my girls coming in close to the end! Marla, Sue & Kathy

Here are girls from the class of 1977 post walk! It was foggy, misty but humid and we were sweaty. Lovely combo!

This is my youngest granddaughter, Nora and her Mom, Jeni running the 5k. This was Nora's first time and she had a blast!

And here's Cailee, my oldest granddaughter! She's a pro......been running 5ks for about 3-4 years now and makes it look so easy!

She's actually making running look fun. What's up????
Hope you all had a great weekend and a beautiful week is ahead of you!!


Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!! what a wonderful your new painting and I love your wonderful patio....and those drinks sounds yummy!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!


Tina Eudora said...

Hey there Darla you Olympian you! That was amazing. One of these days I may just join you although it has been quite awhile since I ran any distance. Have a great week!
Tina xo

Mary said...

way to go!!!!! i'm clapping for you!
i ran - well walked fast my first and only one a few years ago....

i love those pots, a great idea!!!

SugarberrySensations said...

Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Darla Yay!!!!
I am so INCREDIBLY PROUD of you I can't even tell you - I loved seeing the pictures from the 5k! Wow, I'm soooo IMPRESSED!!! And Nora, she cracks me up - she not only participated, but dressed up for it! And Cailee has been doing them for three or four years? Wow, go Cailee, go!!!!!

I would love to come visit on your patio sometime, thanks for the personal invite! ;o)

And your pots look FABULOUS!!! Just FABULOUS! What an incredibly busy weekend you had!!!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What an inspiring post this is! Good for you..and I love the potted plants idea - may have to "Steal" that one!
It's so great to be with your friends and your grands for the 5K - and yes, the oldest one does look like she's having a ball - wish running was that much fun for my old legs..:-)

Serena said...

I love the colour combo in the tiered planters, pretty!

And speaking of pretty...just look at you, your family and your friends! It looked like you all had a fantastic and satisfying day! Congratulations all round!

PBsArtStudio said...

Hi Darla, haven't been by in a while, wow those Zumba classes are really paying off, you look great!!!! That invite to your patio sounds irresistible! :DPatti


What great fun you all were having. And I think that your pots are a super idea. What a great way to give height to a group of plants. Brilliant.

Jenn said...

You go girl!!!!!