Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not too productive lately!

Here are a couple more watercolor 'find an image' pieces. I'm not overly impressed with these, but I'll share them anyway :) I've been busy in the garden, planting, weeding, etc. I LOVE summer but it sure takes away from my play time in the art department!

On Memorial Day we saw this beautiful full rainbow on our way home from Fargo. My photo does it NO justice at all. I was just mesmerized at the beauty and actually got a bit of a stiff neck trying to keep looking out the side window to see it :) I LOVE rainbows!!

Last night I baked 100 mini cupcakes for a social gathering today. They are all bite size and turned out so cute! Today, however I see the paper is pulling away a bit so I'm not sure if it's the humidity or what!?

This week is packed solid! Next week I'll leave for a week vacation with no computer access so I will try and get on here as much as possible before I go. We're traveling to Oklahoma. My mother was from there and it's been YEARS since I've visited! Dale's son is graduating from the National Guard so we will be attending that at Fort Sill, OK which was where my Dad was in the service many years ago. I'm looking forward to getting away and traveling down memory lane♥

Have a great week!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

SO, OK..how do you do the "find" paintings? DO you add the color first then see where the spirit moves you? I love them all..love the sheerness of them..

100 mini cupcakes?! You must have worked a LONG time on those! Have a safe and fun trip and rest and relax :-)

Micki said...

Darla your watercolours are wonderful, I always love looking at them, you certainly have a way with watercolour, I really find them annoying to work with, I just get frustrated and give up lol ;)

Those cakes look amazing too....yummy!!

Micki x

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK...now I see! How did I miss your earlier posts? I need to try this...but I still can't beleive you pulled such beauty out of mixed paint! Amazing!

Diane said...

You're not too overly impressed with these? are you kidding me?! They're excellent--I love them!
And I think those cupcakes will be eaten withou anyone even noticing the paper around them :)
I wish I could have one :(
Have a great time next week!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Ohhh, your latest watercolours are sooo pretty. I love how the soft colours intermingle with each other.

Those mini cupcakes look gorgeous.

Butterfly Works said...

You amaze me with what you do with these paintings....love them...
Hugs and blessings

Christina Colwell said...

I love your new paintings, Especially the woman and child. great colors and textures. Do you use a resist?

Serena said...

Well I'm certainly impressed with them....you have a beautiful style to your art, Darla!

Those cupcakes look so yummy.

I hope you have a nice trip away....don't forget your camera 'cos we'll wanna see pics when you get back, ok? ;)

NatashaMay said...

They look lovely. Great pieces!

Mary said...

Darla I love your watercolors!
Especially the first one.

And you are right about capturing a photo of a rainbow. It's so hard but I can imagine how beautiful it was!!

Have a good trip and hope your gathering goes well today. That's a lot of cupcakes!!! :)

rachel awes said...

i love everything here!
rainbows & cupcakes & your
gorgeous paintings/the flowers
& rad hair & soft expressions
& pretty colors. what more is
there?! lots of love to you
& your garden & your beautiful life!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so yummy as well as your paintings. Love the top one. A favorite!

Mandarine said...

Beautifull work!!! I especially love your woman and child...very pretty!!!