Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My weekend :)

This past weekend was ........well..........sucky!

It started out great! I got up Saturday morning with intentions of getting to Zumba and then heading out to Grand Forks to get some serious shopping done. My cupboards were bare!

Towards the very end of my Zumba class my right ankle buckled a bit (ouch) but I finished up and it wasn't too bad. After I got home and sat for a bit, it really stiffened up and became more sore. I decided to pass on the grocery trip and try again on Sunday.

At about 5:30 pm I heard a very loud, strange noise in my basement. I went down there to find this:

A garden hose on one of my 4 sump pumps had broken off and water was shooting straight up onto the basement ceiling. I couldn't get to the pump to unplug it and make it stop without getting drenched with ice cold water :( It finally subsided and I was able to reach the plug and pull it out. Then I had to unplug the tv and my treadmill. I know hind site is 20/20 but really, should I have been standing in water messing with electrical cords? Probably not.

It turned out that the metal hose attachment had rusted off and all I needed was a new garden hose but I THOUGHT I needed a special adapter and the hardware store in this little town was closed for the day. I decided to just empty the sump by hand with buckets and knew I wouldn't get a lot of sleep that night. I at least figured I'd get 3-4 hour stretches but NOPE! That hole filled up every 1.5 hours! I had to try catch a few winks in my living room chair so that I could hear the kitchen oven timer go off.

Each time I sat down, my ankle felt better but then I'd have to get up, hobble downstairs and haul 20-25 gallons of water over to the downstairs toilet! Waaaaaaaa I wanted to cry!

Luckily Dale came to town Sunday morning and fixed it for me. Whew!! By Sunday evening I was so overtired I couldn't sleep and I've been slowly catching up all week :) My legs were so stiff and sore and then I thought, 'WHY WOULDN'T THEY BE?' I was up all night doing leg squats! haha

Anyway, with Spring coming after a long winter with TONS of snow, this is to be expected. It just gets old sometimes.

I need to paint! I'm going to try get downstairs tonight and try. With all the water issues lately, my basement just isn't the calm, fun and creative place I need it to be.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Oh gosh, Darla,

Sorry to hear about this awful experience.

Hopefully the balance system of the universe will kick in and give you a few days of blissfulness!


Silke said...

Oh, Darla, that sounds like a terrible weekend - I'm so sorry you had to deal with that mostly by yourself. No fun!! I hope you can recuperate properly this week!! Love, Silke

Marie S said...

Oh Darla I am so sorry. Weekends are supposed to be fun, not hauling water all night. The pleasures of owning your own home right??
It seems to me it is a never ending job and my place is as old as I am. It is just OFF- old, falling apart, and fat!
Have a great rest of the week.
How is your ankle doing?

Anonymous said...

OMG that sounds like the pits you poor thing you. I hope the ankle gets better for a start. I can understand what you say about the mood of the basement aww. What about having a few friends round and have a meal in there with fairy lights, wine and cupcakes and all things cheery. Have a fundraising coffee morning for charity of choice and basically change the vibes back to cheery nice ones! Hugs aplenty from me xx

Mary said...

well crap!!!!
don't you just hate when things like that happen!!!!

Hoping you get some good creative time in!!


Micki said...

Sounds awful hun!!
I hope everything gets better for you soon!


Micki x

Createology said...

So sorry to hear of your water issues and of turning your ankle. It always seems to hit us all at once. You were very resourceful and attentive. I would have sat and cried. LOL Painting will definitely brighten your spirits. I love your cheery art work. Happy creating...

Diane said...

Oh my goodness, Darla--your patience was certainly tested this weekend. Things can only get better--right?!

Nicola said...

Oh dear Darla you poor thing!! Glad you're ok though. Sounds like you got a big work out!! ;0) Hopefully now the rest of your week will be calm and quiet!

Marie S said...

That is really a beautiful geyser picture!

I have been beating myself up for being a bad blogger too. I just can not seem to get motivated. I am still answering comments from weeks ago.
Bad Marie Bad!
Isn't Eggbert a doll (pun for fun)? Pattee is such a sweetie to do that for me.
He has the greatest face and those bedroom eyes, LOL!!! When I see him I think of the kindness of a nice person and it makes things seem less sad, and more wonderful. A bright spot in the dregs of life.
We all need those don't we?

Juliette Crane said...

sending you love and positivity. so sorry to hear about things piling up like that. and glad your ankle is alright.

i hope you get some painting time in:) best wishes! juliette

Lisa said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry your weekend turned out like that. Glad you didn't need more than a garden hose, though!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wow...looks like you've been visited by the screw-up fairy, huh?

Sorry..geeze, that sound like the WORST week-end EVER! Hope this wee and week-end will be kind to you!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Oh my gosh...sounds like the same 'bad luck fairy' who's been visiting me lately...
hopefully you'll have a great week-end this week!

Serena said...

OUCH on the ankle plus having to deal with the water terrible for you! I hope things are going much better for you now, up because you sure do deserve it after all that ~ xo