Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm sorry

I have been a slug! A total slug! I haven't updated this blog for 1.5 weeks, the longest gap ever I believe :(

It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't had anything new to share. I've tried painting a 10 x 10 canvas.....3 times! I just can't get my groove going with it. Twice the image of a girl comes through the background, but her eyes are closed so I go with a 'peaceful, dreamy' theme and something goes wrong. Way wrong.

My latest (and I might just share a photo yet before I paint it over) was going along ok I thought, she was dreaming and I put a butterfly on her neck. When I walked away and came back, all I can think about when I look at her is...... death. NOT a good thing! It's a little too Silence of the Lamb-ish!

The diet and exercise is going along well and after 6 weeks it's finally becoming a little more natural to eat right and get in my exercise. The first 2-3 weeks are hard, but I think I've broken through that barrier that has blocked me in the past.

This weekend we're having another Zumba class and I'm so excited. I really did love it!

Hopefully I'll have something to share soon if I can get my brush to do what my mind and heart want :)

Have a great week!


luthien said...

awwwww.... anyone would forgive that face!

pinkglitterfae said...

Awww, that beagle looks like ours when he was a pup!
don't you hate it when you can't get the idea from your head onto canvas?
oh well, the way I see it, you learn what not to do from each mistake. You should show a photo of your silence of the lamb one, lol!

great job on the diet and exercise! are you just eating healthy, or do you have a specific plan. I'm trying to cut back on sweets, I'm a bit obsessed with scones, and muffins, and cake, lol!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... it that your puppy? That is just the cutest picture EVER! :)

Jo said...

What a cute little puppy face!! Love it!

Please don't feel bad about missing days of blogging. I've been absent as of late as well. Life gets in the way of typing sometimes. ;)

Congrats on the diet/exercise success! Awesome!!


Diane said...

Is this little cutie yours?! You sound like me with the painting--I hate when that happens (you made me laugh-silence of the lambish :)

Serena said...

Cute puppy!

No worries, Darla. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes and that's probably the way it should be.

I had a similar problem with a large painting I was working on last year and it was so frustrating. I attempted three different looks and still couldn't get it how I wanted it so I gessoed over it and now it waits for me to start afresh.

Plumrose Lane said...

Sometimes like is like that and we go through slumps but it sounds as though you're doing quite well in other areas so I'm sure if you just go with the flow your muse will return soon.