Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Ryan! You have been and always will be a great source of pride and joy for me♥

Ryan in his snuggly footy pajamas!

Ryan and his cousin, Brody obviously pleased with their red licorice! It's SO good!

A night at the motel....a motel with a pool!

One of my all time favorite photos.....we were camping in Minnesota and Ryan is walking along the path. I seriously LOVE this one!

Back in the day........when he let Mom cut his hair :)

My baseball star! He loved the game and I loved watching him. He plays mens softball now :) I might have to make a road trip next summer to catch a game!

Ryan~8th grade (I think!)

Senior Picture....1999

Ryan with his dog, Jaxon. I love how they both smiled for this shot :)

Ryan, (niece)Cailee & (sister-in-law) Jeni in his first half marathon! Jeni & Cailee ran the 5k that year. Good job!

Ryan with his niece, Nora and his newborn nephew, Cutler. (2007)

Ryan with nephew Cutler, niece Cailee and S-I-L, Jeni - Christmas 2009



Jo said...

Awwww, this is such a sweet photo tribute to your son!
These pics are great! And I agree, the Minnesota camping trip photo....there's just something about that one!
Happy birthday to Ryan!

SugarberrySensations said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ryan!

Oh Darla, that was the most loving tribute - how beautiful, and the picture when you were camping with Ryan walking - that is the most PRECIOUS picture! I loooooove it!

Wow, this was a beautiful post!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love the photo of Ryan with his baby niece. It always looks so cute to see a grown boy being so tender. Wow and a half marathon too! Happy Birthday, Ryan!

All My Yesterdays said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome, awesome son Darla!
Hold him close...

Diana Evans said...

oh what a sweet Mom you are Darla!!! this post was wonderful to look at....amazing how time flies....


Serena said...

Happy birthday, Ryan!

You have a handsome son, Darla, and he has a gentleness, I think, that comes across in his photos. I LOVE that one of him walking along the path too! The trees frame the shot perfectly and he looks like a man on a mission. He has a beautiful family too my parents bred and raised German Shepherds, I absolutely adore them so, needless to say, I also love the pic of Ryan with Jaxon.

A lovely birthday tribute, Darla!

Magpie said...

They grow up almost as fast as scrolling through the pictures! Beautiful tribute to your son.

Mary said...

I too love the one where he is walking by the lake. What a great painting that would be!!!!

Birthday blessings Ryan!!!

Mama's and son's are special!!!

Renee said...

Happy birthday Ryan.

Darla he is so handsome and I love the picture by the water too.


luthien said...

awww... happy birthday Ryan :)) what a sweet sweet tribute :))

BumbleVee said...

that's pretty funny with Jaxon smiling too....

Happy day Ryan.....