Monday, July 25, 2011

Assignment #2 in Wyanne's Paint Free class

This was ANOTHER challenge for me! We were to take 4 colors and also black and white and put them out on our palette, set the timer for 30 minutes and paint. Just paint, no preplanned ideas...just paint.

The timer thing had me almost frantic and I was painting like a wild banshee :) I realized that I was pretty much done or at least nothing more I could 'think' of to do and I had 10 minutes left. I decided to then start outlining things in black to fill my time up.

I did this during a week when we had temperatures in the 90's, T-storm warnings daily and unbelievable humidity and even though I didn't paint anything in particular, for some reason I see lots of the week's flavor in this painting. I see summer flowers......I see twisters, funnels and lightning bolts :) Weird, huh?

Hope you all have a great week! My next assignment in the class is to paint something special from my childhood memories. I think I'm going to try paint my great grandmother's porch swing♥


Cathy Bueti said...

Nice job with this Darla! I would have a hard time with this. I cannot even pick out colors! lol glad to see you are enjoying this class :)

Cails said...

I'ts So BEAUTIFUL grandma Darla!! : ) I love how the lightning bolts just come out of the flowers!Today I tried drawing a blue daisy with highlighters and a sharpie, But mine are never as beautiful as yours are! Love you!


Manon Doyle said...

Love it, Darla!! I really like the 30 minute part of the exercise. You just *do* instead of spending time thinking about it!!! : )))

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Cailee, you totally thrilled me with your visit!! Thank you sweetie pie!
Come over any time and we'll paint together, ok?
Love you!!

Kathryn Hansen said...

so lovely!! i've done these kinds of exercises before...they are super fun & challenging!!

Nicola said...

Hey Darla!!! I was just thinking about you the other day wondering how you were doing. I've just caught up on your most recent posts and was so sad to hear that you'd had such a rough year this year, you have definitely been missed. I know what you mean about something/someone zapping your spirit to paint etc. That makes total sense to me and now that you have found a nice new job and are happier I can see that in your work. So glad to see you back in the creative saddle and I wish you lots of happiness in your new job!!! xoxoxoox

Denise Riches said...

Hi Darla...was checking in on blogs this morning while drinking my coffee and found that you are on my blog list. I recognized your Assignment #2 Painting from Connie's workshop...still beautiful! Love all your art and looking forward to following along.