Friday, February 10, 2017

Week 6 Project of Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017

I am enjoying Olga Furman's year long painting course (online)  It is just what I needed to get motivated to learn more and do more!  This was our lesson for week 6.
"Butterfly Dream'

I love the out of proportion whimsical girl faces but learning to paint more realism  (or attempting to) in the portraits is a great challenge for me and I'm so glad I've taken this step.

is still available if you'd like to join me!

Actually, I'm not sure I'm even talking to anyone but myself (and maybe Ryan...Hi Ryan!).  So many of the people I used to follow are not active on their blogs anymore.  Not sure if many of my artist friends blog anymore.  Hopefully they're just too busy creating beautiful art!!

 For now, this is probably going to be an online journal for me to track my life and that's ok too.  
You're more than welcome to tag along if you are here :)


Unknown said...

Love your work - keep painting and posting. You are right that blogs seem to be a think of the past, but they tell so much more than just a picture.

Rebelicious said... must know.... some of us are invisible following you (or is that called stalking?) Nahhh just love your work....

Art by Darla Kay said...

Thank you both for commenting! I'm not alone after all!! :D I should work on getting this blog active again...I really did enjoy it back in the day.