Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 x 12 Wooden Canvas with BEESWAX :)



It’s so scary to take a piece that I already really like and put beeswax to it, but I did it and I LOVE the dreamy, hazy look it gave this piece!  I’ve been working on this one a little at a time and finally decided to just finish it up!  I think I’m the queen of procrastination these days?

Below is an example of what sketching on a ‘low self-esteem’ day can bring out of me Open-mouthed smile  I don’t know but lately I swear I see a new wrinkle, a new age spot and more hair in the sink after styling.  It’s quite depressing!  I’m getting the ‘why even bother!?’ mentality.   When I feel bad about myself, I don’t take care of myself very well either.  The diet is full of crap, very little healthy, good stuff these days.  The worse I treat myself, the worse I feel about it.  I see therapy in my near future if I don’t snap out of this and get a grip! 



Jeannette said...

Darla I know how you feel as I feel the same way some days.My hair has lots of grey and I twist it into a pony tail and leave it.Sometimes I create in my nightie clothes all day.

When I go out with my hubby some think I'm his mom.There's only 2 years difference in are age.That depressed me a bit.I suffer from mild depression.

So you know what I do on those days? I embrace it I let it just be.I sit around in my nightie and I feel bad all day.I eat junk food and I cry a bit.I have a good old feel sorry for myself day.

We need those days because were women and we are emotional because we are artists.You are a beautiful woman Darla.You are beautiful inside and outside and you are the most amazing Artist.

No matter what embrace the days you don't feel good about yourself.There will be lots more good days then there will be bad days I promise.

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Can't give you any good advice, since I am in the same boat. I barely look in the mirror anymore. Who is this old grey wrinkled lady??? I just hope I can have peace with my old me someday again ;-) Hang in there and just create, you do it so well!

Serena said...

Your painting is beautiful, Darla! I've watched a few videos where SuziBlu used beeswax and it looks like fun plus it gives the work a dreamy quality. I've always wondered how it stands up to dust and hot, humid days tho? Here, in summer, our candles go soft and bend over. Even the fat candles go soft and out of shape.

As for the way you are feeling. I'm so with you as that's exactly how I'm feeling at the moment, particularly with all the medical issues I'm currently dealing with. A hysterectomy is definitely on the cards and I just feel like my body is falling apart on me. All we can really do is look for the positives in each moment. It WILL get better.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

WrightStuff said...

Oh we all have those days... weeks.... months.... I was in a right old gloop so I took myself off to the hairdressers for a total restyle - I went to one of the most expensive stylists in town (rather than the recent walk-in cheap place I've been frequenting), but it was so worth it. I came out feeling so much better and spent more time on my make up and nails etc... I feel better!! Time to treat yourself I think.

These girls do look so dreamy with the wax. It's always a risk but worked out so well.

Magic Love Crow said...

Darla, my friend, first I have to tell you, I love the painting you just finished! Amazing as always ;o)
Now, don't be depressed ;o) I am here for you! I totally understand where you are coming from! After, from being very ill, I lost a lot of my hair, that isn't coming back! I am really bald on top of my head! I keep it long, so I can do the comb over! LOL! Don't laugh!!! LOL! But, even then it doesn't help much. I have came to accept me ;o) Love me! And, that's what you have to do my friend ;o) Smile! Laugh ;o) It makes a difference! I will write you an e-mail later about weight too! Did you see my post on my blog, about the guy last week, who came into the tea shop and complemented me on my laugh? If you haven't, you should read it! Seriously, it's your soul that counts, nothing else! And, if someone judges you, on the way you look, they aren't worth talking to! Know, you are a beautiful person, inside and out and be proud of who you are!! ;o) Hugs!

Lori Allberry said...

Darla, my dear - you just snap out of it and snap out of it now missy! You are BEAUTIFUL, you are SMART, you are FUNNY, you are the most INCREDIBLE FRIEND!!!!

We all feel that way, we have our days when we struggle!

Just remember you ARE a BEAUTIFUL person!!! ♥

I am way overdue in this, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for following me and for your SWEET compliments!!! And by the way, trust me chickie - there is sooo much dust on those blinds! Black and white photos hide soooo many things!!!!! ;o)


Lori Allberry said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG, I can not believe I forgot to leave a comment on your GORGEOUS painting, wow, wow, wowza!
It blew me away - the bees wax is FABULOUS! Just fabulous! The dreamy feeling it creates is . . well . . . dreamy! ;o)

Now - go eat a piece of fruit, you will feel better!


Diane said...

I am going to have to agree with Jeannette--just go with it. Allow yourself not to be perfect, and I really believe it helps (except try not not to eat crappy alot--because then you'll always feel crappy)
I feel for you, because I most definitely have these times too, and our harsh Winter is on the way, and it's a real test at times.
Just keep making art--It is great THERAPY!
Okay, and your new piece--love, love, love, love, love, lov........