Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday morning fun :)

A little 5 x 7 watercolor/ink....'She Said, He Said' :)

I had to do another version for Dale. This is a funny story from one of our first dates. We went to Applebees and I can't remember what sandwich I ate but as we sat there for an hour or so, I worked on it and finished the whole thing. Later Dale says, 'I can't believe you ate that whole thing. That was one #$&*! BIG sandwich!' So romantic........but I guess I am still with him 5.5 years later :)

This is a 7 x 10

And another little 5 x 7 shown here in a matte

Close up

Have a wonderful weekend! It's beautiful here....I LOVE FALL!



Anonymous said...

There gorgeous Darla, love the words too! :)

Serena said...

Great post, Darla....your artwork is beautiful. I love your colour combinations!

Diana Evans said...

Hello Darla!!!! I love these new works of art....wonderful work as always....

Rona Gregory said...

I just love your paintings!

rachel awes said...

your joy bloomy girl
is SO pretty.
& those birds are fun,
indeed. LOVE all you do.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

As usual, your work is amazing! I "pinned" your owls on Pinterest..have you joined? Great inspiration and it links back to the original site of hte "pin"..beautiful angels too :-)