Monday, January 31, 2011

Art Journal page

The weekend flew by yet again. Why is that? :( Makes me so sad because I just LOVE being home, painting and playing around .

I am debating selling my home in the makes me so sad because I've worked so hard in this life to build up to the home I have right now and I love it. Maybe it won't happen but at this point, in my heart, it seems inevitable that changes are coming. Perhaps it's time to embrace them?

have a great week everyone!


Silke said...

Wow, Darla it does sound like changes are coming... I hope all is well with you!!! Love, Silke

Brown Sugar Babies said...


Peggy said...

Darla Your piece is gorgeous ! I'm a person who is afraid of big changes, but sometimes they also can be a good surprise.
I hope you will find a solution that makes you happy.

Serena said...

I used to hate and fear change but, over the years and although still a little hesitant at times, I have learned to go with the flow of changes that arise. Change in one form or another is inevitable for all of us. I say embrace it with open arms as it will help to make the new experience more enjoyable.

Serena said...

Btw, lovely journal page!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Sometimes you have to let go of somethings to accept better things into your life :o) I hope this is what is happening with you :o)) Change is always difficult, but where ever you are I know you will create gorgeous artwork! xo Michele

Silke said...

No, Darla, to answer your question - it's not too late to participate in OWOH. You have until February 12 to get your post up and the link e-mailed to Lisa. If you click on the OWOH logo on my sidebar, you can find out all about it. Love, Silke

Manon Doyle said...

I just adore this piece, Darla! I know all about change. I'm going through lots of them myself lately but....gret things come of change!! : ))))))

pinkglitterfae said...

oh no! why do you have to sell your home, did I miss something?? hoping things work out for the best.
Wouldn't it be great to create art whenever we feel like it, without the distraction of 'work', lol!
Weekends do seem to go by so quickly, then before you know it, the alarm wakes you Monday morning.
On a positive note, your painting is gorgeous!

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh my goodness Darla! For real? You really might sell?????

Wow, I feel so out of touch with you!!!!

You will have to tell me more later!

I love this painting, she conveys your feelings so well! :o)